2 Simple Tips to keep You Sparkling Throughout Autumn

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Hello there!

It’s hard to believe its September already isn’t it and unfortunately that means a few things. Colder and windier weather and darker and dingier days. Sounds depressing hey? But it doesn’t need to be! Personally, I’m still holding out for an Indian Summer ????

I’ve got a couple of tips to share with you to help you and your skin adjust to the up and coming delights of Autumn, tips that will keep you glowing inside and out!

Why keeping your skin protected is so important this Autumn

When you wash or cleanse your face (or for men its shaving) you remove the natural barrier of protection your skin has formed to keep itself moisturised and supple. Its important to replenish this barrier so that your skin doesn’t become susceptible to dehydration and dryness. It also provides a barrier against aggressive external factors such as pollutants, blustery winds and changes of temperature.
Protecting your skin and keeping it hydrated with a good moisturiser will help with the following:

Prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin which causes dehydration
Reduces premature fine lines by preventing dehydration
Eliminates dry, scaly skin due to dehydration
Calms irritations and redness caused by dehydration and dryness
Reduces the risk of infection caused by tiny cracks in the skin caused by dehydration

Do you see the importance of preventing dehydration? Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

TIP: If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, your current skincare regime just isn’t working for you.

ACTION: Give me a shout – I can work with you to design your own skincare regime that will have your skin super hydrated, nourished and radiant in no time.

In my thirty years of testing products I can make impartial recommendations from the high street to my selected ranges from Thalgo, French Marine specialists for over 50 years and Beyond Organics, a British organic skincare brand.

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Why ensuring you take time out to replenish your body is so important

Its a well known fact that the change in seasons can leave a person feeling down in the dumps and unmotivated. I know, I see it a lot at the studio. I see how important it is for you to escape from your busy lives and spend some quality time just looking after your own wellbeing. The most amazing thing I observe is the profound change I see in you, my clients after your treatments. You glide out of my tranquil therapy room looking perfectly blissful (and ever so slightly zombi-esque!). Full of smiles and relaxed, droopy bodies.It says it all!

You tell me that your treatments at Soothe give you the strength to carry on and dramatically alters your mood for the better. Its a joy!

Many of you walk in stressed, brows furrowed and feeling overwhelmed. Your back and neck aches and you’re losing your temper with the people around you. Nowadays we’re pretty much living exhausting lives. And just as any apparatus when its run down and needs charging up, so do you. The sad thing is, a lot of people don’t appreciate their self worth and the true value taking the time out for themselves. Brutal but true. Its even sadder to hear things like these:

• I haven’t got the time (to look after myself)
• I can’t justify the money (to look after myself)
• I never find time in my diary (to look after myself)
• Its a lot of money to waste (on looking after myself)
• I feel guilty (looking after myself)

Recognise one of these excuses?

And yet we don’t think twice about taking our car in for a service, buying a designer handbag and spending hundreds of pounds on our hair each year (which is dead keratin! and you’re not dead – yet!).

So what VALUE are you placing on your general health and emotional wellbeing?

To find out why its so important for our physical and emotional well-being to take just one hour out of 672 per month to find sanctuary, peace and replenishment make a cup of tea and have a read of this article. Learn how the power of touch can transform your day, week or month and that of your family’s and work colleagues.

So my two tips for you this time are 1) Keep your skin hydrated. Over time you’ll reap the rewards! 2) Invest in your wellbeing. There’s nothing more important than your health. Stress has a detrimental effect on your body, your mind and the people around you so it pays to take good care of the only mind and body you have.

If there’s anything you’d like to talk to me about featured in this article please get in touch. My number is 07974103367.

Wishing you health and happiness

Misia x

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