3 Simple Ways To Update Your Skincare For Autumn (and Why You Should)

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Autumn’s drizzly, windy days and dark, chilly nights leave us yearning to cuddle up in our PJ’s and blast on the heating. We replace our summer clothes with our fluffy favourites and our salads for soul foods. The one thing we often forget to adjust is our skincare.

It’s around this time of year that many clients complain of mysterious breakouts and irritations. However, if you consider the number of sudden changes we make to our lives, it’s not surprising.

1) Central heating dries the air, causing Trans Epidermal Water Loss leading to dehydration, dryness and inflammation.

2) Fabrics, in particular, wool, can be irritating on the skin for some people.

3) Closed windows and doors contribute to an increase in dust levels, accumulated from dead skin cells, paper and fabric.

4) Reduced levels of Vitamin D from daylight impact skin health and mood (and the change in mood can lead to poor eating habits).

5) We eat differently, consuming more comfort foods. These generally contain more copious amounts of inflammatory gluten, dairy and sugar.

6) We feel sluggish and unmotivated when it’s dark and damp, so feel less inclined to look after ourselves, and may go to bed with the day’s pollution on our skin.

7) The wind, cold, pollution and acid rain contribute to the free-radical activity, causing increased levels of inflammation.

8) Dry skin cells build up on the skin, trapping dirt and sebum beneath, resulting in breakouts.

There might be, however, no need for an overhaul to your current skincare regime. Just a few tweaks may help.

Change Your Cleanser

During the warmer months, a face wash can feel refreshing, but during the autumn and winter, these can be too drying. Those that contain sulfate should be avoided regardless of the time of year, as they tend to strip the skin of essential natural oils that exist to protect the skin.

Switch to an oil or cream cleanser as these tend to be moisturising helping to maintain the skins barrier function (the ability to function efficiently).

Alumier Ultimate Boost Serum at Soothe Therapies Nottingham

Boost Hydration

Hydrators and alcohol-free toners are a quick and easy way of providing a veil of additional moisture to the skin. Spritz or wipe a hydrator like Novexpert’s Smoothing Toning Mist over the skin after cleansing and immediately apply a high-quality Hyaluronic Acid serum and peptide-rich moisturiser while the skin is damp to seal in the benefit.

Hyaluronic Acid Molecules can hold up to 1000 times their weight in water so can seriously boost hydration levels. I’m in love with Alumier’s Ultimate Boost Serum enriched with anti-ageing peptides and antioxidants to protect the skin against damage from the environment. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement of my sensitive skin and a noticeable diminishing of fine lines.

Make sure your moisturiser is rich enough

A light moisturising cream suitable in the Summer might not work so well in the autumn. This is because our skin loses more moisture to central heating, wind and cold and becomes a little more ‘needy’. It’s essential to prevent water loss but also to replenish moisture.

Look for something that is lipid-rich — natural ingredients like nut seed oils and plant oils combined with ingredients that hydrate and strengthen the skin.

I highly recommend Novexpert Velvery Biotic Cream, which calms and de-sensitises irritable skin. Also, AlumierMD’s HydraDew with peptides that fight lines and wrinkles.

Another way to increase your moisturiser’s richness is by adding a booster. A few drops of Novexpert 5 Omega Serum Booster can transform dry, menopausal skin.

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