3 Simple Ways To Update Your Skincare For winter (and Why You Should)

Misia at Soothe

Winter’s drizzly, windy days and dark chilly nights leave us yearning to cuddle up in our PJ’s and blast on the heating. We pack away our summer clothes and replace them with our woolly favourites. We adapt our daily routines to accommodate the weather, our desire for cozy foods and our longing for hibernation. But one thing we often forget about is our need to adjust our skincare to the needs of our skin.

A change of season usually triggers a change in the way your skin behaves. Often we find our skin becomes more  sensitive, dull and dry and even starts to breakout. This is because our skin becomes more dehydrated due to the drying effects of central heating and becomes vulnerable to trans epidermal water loss (or TEWL) due to the wind, cold and pollution. Dry skin cells start to build up causing a lack-lustre appearance and sebum can become trapped beneath the buildup of keratinised cells causing ‘mysterious’ breakouts.

Follow these 3 easy Tips to Prevent Dehydration, Dryness and Irritation and without the need to overhaul your entire skincare regime.

TIP 1: review your Cleanser

During the warmer months, a frothing face wash can feel refreshing but during the autumn and winter months this type of cleanser can be very drying. Face washes that contain SLS and froth easily tend to strip the skin of essential natural oils  (lipids) that exist to protect and lubricate the skin, allowing water to escape.

Switch to an oil or cream cleanser which helps to protect the skins barrier function and its ability to function healthily.
We love SKN-RG 3 in 1 Flash Balm Cleanser for its nourishing plant actives and rich, indulgent texture. As an added bonus it removes all traces of makeup too with no harsh chemicals – just pure plant power for soft, dewy skin.

TIP 2:  Boost your Hydration Levels with hyaluronic acid

Hydrating toners are a quick and easy way of providing a veil of moisture to the skin. We suggest an alcohol free botanical spritz like our TEAM Dr Joseph Gentle Rose Toner . Gently soothing and balancing, this toner is perfect for daily use and as a hydrating spritz throughout the day. Its cocktail of vitamins ensures skin feels smooth and bright. Pro tip:  Immediately apply a Hyaluronic Acid based serum or moisturiser whilst the skin is still damp to seal in the water content. This helps the skin to feel and look dewy and healthy.

Hyaluronic Acid Molecules can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water so a good quality serum can seriously boost hydration levels. We’re addicted to Alumier’s Ultimate Boost Serum enriched with anti-ageing peptides and antioxidants to protect the skin against damage from the environment. We see a dramatic reduction in the dehydration and irritation of sensitive skins and a very satisfying reduction in lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven peptides make this one of our top sellers. We can’t sell this online because of its medical grade status, so please pop in to store for a free consultation about AlumierMD products and your skin.

Check out AlumierMD skincare at www.alumiermd.co.uk/join and type in your unique access code: 25388761 (after your consultation)

TIP 3: Review your Moisturiser’s Moisturising Ability!

The light moisturising cream you’ve been using during the Summer might not feel right for you in the winter. It’s essential to firstly prevent moisture loss but also to replenish it.
Look for something that is lipid rich – natural ingredients like nut seed oils and plant oils combined with ingredients that hydrate and strengthen the skin. They help to keep moisture locked in.
Our favourites are AlumierMD HydraDew or HydraRich; SKN-RG Collagen Ultra Marine Collagen Cream Timeless and the TEAM Dr Joseph Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream.


The HydraFacial is an excellent treatment. Using Hyaluronic Acid and a cocktail of vitamins, we can keep your skin clear, hydrated and glowing.

Listen to your skin

Your skin needs to speak to you when you apply your moisturiser. Pay attention to how it feels when you apply your cream. If you feel indifferent the chances are it’s not going to do the job it needs to (or is claiming to do), or perhaps it’s of a poor quality and not actually nourishing the skin.Here’s how one of my clients describes her skin speaking to her:

The cleanser and balm are AMAZING!  Hands down the best products I’ve used.  I actually hear my skin saying thank you

So, there it is. Three simple steps to make a start with. You don’t need to go crazy and replace everything in your bathroom cabinet, not until you’ve spoken to us, anyway! Make an appointment to see us and we’ll chat about your skin and all the things in your life that are influencing the condition of your skin. We’ll also recommend the best treatments for you to boost your hydration levels and improve the appearance of your skin.

Good luck on your hydration journey and we hope to see you soon.

Misia and Team Soothe


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