Are you a skin investor?

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Does skincare really work?

Over the years I’ve seen thousands of women who have come to see me in the hopes that I can improve the condition of their skin. Many of these women have spent years disbelieving that skincare or even having a good skincare regimen could change the way their skin looked or behaved.

That’s not surprising really given the amount of money spent on advertising campaigns making false or exaggerated claims. Its enough to make anyone cynical. Shopping for products is also very confusing because how can you be sure you’re buying the right product for your skin? That’s something I can help you with but I’ll let you into a secret. I can tell a women who takes care of her skin. Same goes for men. They’ve realised it pays off and I call them ‘skincare investors’.

How can I tell a skincare investor?

Their skins are more supple. They have fewer fine lines and wrinkles. They have a dewiness and glow about them. Their makeup goes on smoothly. They look healthy and radiant. Their friends are always complimenting them.

People who haven’t yet discovered the right skincare regime for them, haven’t thought of skincare as an investment into their skin’s future and are cynical about product claims (and I don’t blame them – some of them are absolute rubbish) tend to suffer mysterious breakouts, dry, flaky skin, dehydration lines, dullness and premature ageing and their makeup pigment sticks to their dry skin cells. They tend to be unhappy about their skin but don’t know what to do about it.

So do I think the right products can make a difference? Absolutely!

My clients have said that following my recommendations have made a real difference to their appearance. Their skins have been transformed and they’re feeling much happier!

I don’t promote a particular range because I’ve a target to aspire to like others perhaps. If I think olive oil and honey will be right for someone thats what I’ll recommend. If I think nothing but a cosmeceutical will satisfy a clients expectations and needs that is what I’ll recommend. No sales pitches, no sales targets and that why I’m very dubious about relying on the skincare advice of sales staff because I’ve been advised to purchase products for my skin that I know are completely unsuitable.

Back to basics.

Lets face it, the basic role of a cleanser is to cleanse. The job of a moisturiser is to, you guessed it, moisturise. But its HOW your chosen products do it and what WITH that matters. However, knowing your skin is the first vital step to understanding what to look for from your products.

So how do you choose a cleanser thats going to thoroughly cleanse your skin and leave it feeling soft? How and why you should avoid that dry, tight feeling?

How should you choose your moisturiser? Why are they all so different? How do you choose the best one for your skin? How can you look radiant? What if I buy one and it doesn’t feel right?

The answer to these and other questions will be available next time in my series of ‘How to’ blogs.  ‘How to know my skin’, ‘How to choose my cleanser’, ‘How to choose my moisturiser’ and others.

If you’d like to read more about skincare regimens take a look at my blog about how to be lazy and have great skin!

Please join me next time and feel free to send in your skincare questions to or comment here.

See you soon

Misia x

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