Banish those bacterial breakouts!

Misia at Soothe

We’ve all suffered breakouts of one type or another that can range from an annoying pimple to a something quite distressing like acne or rosacea. But did you know that some breakouts or irritations can be prevented simply by being more aware of hygiene?

Here are five of my tips that may just stop those pesky pustules…

1. Sanitise your phone

I’m seeing an increasing number of women at Soothe with acne around the area they hold their mobile phone to talk – the cheek and jawline. This is no surprise. Think about the door handles, toilet cubicles, handrails, food packaging and money you handle every day whilst carrying your mobile phone around. When we talk, not only do we deposit bacteria onto our skin that can cause irritation but we deposit stale makeup, sweat and skin cells onto our phones to fester in readiness for our next phone call! Yuk! Give your phone a regular clean with an anti-bacterial wipe.

2. Change your pillowcase weekly

Our skin heals as we sleep. However, if we’re laying our heads on a bed of old makeup, sweat, salts, dead skin cells and dust mites our skin doesn’t really have a chance. Change your sheets once a week and avoid highly perfumed and coloured washing liquids and conditioners as these can irritate too.

3. Clear out old makeup and skincare

Once you’ve opened a container and used it, you’ve introduced bacteria into it. Bacteria breeds so whilst your foundation, mascara or moisturiser sits in the drawer for six months it’s getting ready to take over the world! No wonder we have irritated skin and conjunctivitis. Chuck out anything you’ve not used for six months. You really don’t want to put it on your skin. As for mascara, these should be replaced every two months.

4. Stop touching your face!

Think about all the items you touch each day and how many other people have touched them (see tip 1). Now touch your face. Enough said…

5. Animal matters

If you’re a pet owner with an irritated skin, think twice before cuddling up too close. Just as humans come into contact with those nasty microbes so do our pets. Knowing what they do with their tongues all day it might be an idea to resist cuddling into their fur or letting them lick your face for a while to see if that makes a difference to your skin.

If you’d like to talk to me about your skin irritations please contact me at or on 07974013367

lots of love

Misia x

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