Is your skin dehydrated? Here’s how to treat it!

Misia at Soothe

Changes in weather and lifestyle can really impact the condition of your skin.

Colder, harsher weather conditions, along with pollution and central heating cause dehydration; equally a run of long, hot summer days may sap the moisture from your skin.

it might feel tight, look dull and fine lines and wrinkles may appear more obvious.

Skin dehydration is a condition caused by a number of factors, but the good news is it can be treated and improved.

Contents of this post:

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

What causes dehydrated skin?

What the benefits of healthy, hydrated skin?

Which skincare ingredients will improve skin hydration?

What can you do to treat and improve skin dehydration?

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin:

  • is a skin type rather than a skin condition (other skin types include oily and combination)
  • it occurs when your skin is not able to produce enough natural oils to keep itself sufficiently moisturised
  • is characterised by flaky, itchy skin that can feel rough and uncomfortable

Dehydrated skin:

  • is a skin condition, which occurs when the top layer of our skin lacks moisture
  • is a condition which any skin type can experience
  • is caused by a number of factors, including the weather, skincare products and diet
  • is characterised by skin dullness, enhanced fine lines & wrinkles, tightness & increased sensitivity

What causes dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is often associated with the winter months, when our bodies are exposed to colder temperatures and less moisture in the air. But, many people don’t realise that the summer months can also take their toll.

The dry heat of summer sucks moisture from our skin, and the sun’s UV rays damages skin cells, resulting in less hydration and other issues such as skin pigmentation.

But it’s not only the changing seasons and climate that affect our skin’s condition; how often we wash, the products we use on our skin, our hormones, medications and even our genetics all play a part.

What are the benefits of hydrated skin?

All skin types, even oily skin, can suffer from dehydration – but thankfully it’s a temporary situation that can be improved. if you follow my guidelines, you should find that:

  • wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable since the cells of your skin are plumped up with moisture
  • your skin barrier becomes more healthy, which means it can more easily fight against external factors like pollution
  • your skin appears less dull and more radiant
  • your skin feels better – it’s smoother and softer to the touch
  • skin-related issues such as acne and eczema are less likely to be aggravated when skin is hydrated and healthier

What can you do to treat and improve skin dehydration?

Treatment options at Soothe

A relaxing facial can boost circulation, promote cell renewal and leave your skin more hydrated, soothed and soft.

I recommend the JLo Hydrafacial, which uses state of the art technology to boost hydration, protect skin from environmental damage and greatly improve its texture. This treatment uses the JLo Beauty Booster to give fresh, dewy results. Hydrafacial technology has an instantly rejuvenating effect on your skin, so you’ll leave us able to actually see and feel the difference.

Our Oxy Dermabrasion Facial (Hydrate) is an excellent exfoliating, oxygenating and hydrating treatment with rejuvenating results. It improves skin’s moisture retention, promotes cellular renewal and gently exfoliates for bright and hydrated skin.

Even a regular spa facial can have a noticeable impact on skin’s moisture levels and texture; why not try Estime & Sens Bio Active Facial to indulge your skin with a double cleanse, double exfoliation and double mask for a purified, nourished and pampered skin that glows with health. An hour’s bliss with precious essences and magical hands.

In your home

Keep your shower temperature warm rather than hot, since the heat will dry our your skin by stripping it of natural oils. Pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it roughly with a towel.

Apply moisturising ingredients such as shea when skin is ever so slightly damp, to lock in that moisture. We recommend SKN-RG’s rich plant extracts to keep skin supple. You can find them in our online store or visit us to have a feel of their sublime essences.

Food & drink

Drink water regularly; how much your body needs will depend on what you do each day – lying on a beach or doing a gym workout will dehydrate you more quickly than an afternoon spent reading on your sofa! Experts agree that drinking little and often is better than flooding your body.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet to ensure your body and therefore your skin is provided with all the nutrients and goodness it needs. Food rich in Omega 3 is especially helpful for skin health, and it’s been proven that this powerful nutrient can help soothe your skin and keep it hydrated. Omega 3 can be found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as flaxseeds and walnuts – delicious sprinkled your salads, breakfast cereal or porridge. For more information on how your diet can help keep your skin hydrated, click here.

Which skincare ingredients will improve skin hydration?

There are certain active ingredients which when used as part of your skincare routine can really make a noticeable difference to dehydrated skin, on your face and body.

Hyaluronic acid – this helps your skin retain water at a cellular level, resulting in plump, hydrated and youthful skin. It works for all skin types and despite being called an acid, its not at all harsh, but provides a gentle hydration. For a moisture boost, apply the Estime & Sens Essential Beauty Solution after cleansing & before a cream or serum. I also love the Seoulista Super Hydration Instant Facial; it’s an intensely hydrating mask which plumps, soothes and moisturises skin beautifully thanks to 3 key ingredients – hyaluronic acid, coconut and maple leaf.

Ceramides & niacinamide – these work to repair your skin’s natural barrier; when the barrier is weak, your skin loses water more easily. Our SKNRG Lumiere Moisturiser will plump and tighten your skin; it’s suitable for all skin types.

Shea butter, glycerin & squalane – these are known in skincare terms as occlusives; that means they provide a layer of protection for your skin, preventing moisture from escaping. The Estime & Sens Express Moisturising Mask is a fabulous thirst-quenching treatment with natural glycerin. Or, why not try our Exfoliation, Wrap & Scalp Massage? We’ll treat your body to an exfoliation, followed by intense moisturisation! It even includes a tension-releasing face & scalp massage.