How to use essential oils to improve your sleep

Misia at Soothe

At Soothe, we love sleep! Not only does it make us feel great and give us energy, but it also helps to improve the appearance and condition of our skin.

Studies have shown that essential oils can improve our sleep and help us to wind down and relax. We’re great advocates of the power of essential oils – we use high quality Aromatherapy Associates oils in our aromatherapy massages.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts – the ‘essence’ of the plant. Once extracted from the bark, leaves or flowers of a plant, these essential oils are combined with a carrier oil to produce products such as massage oils, shower gels and body creams.

How do essential oils work?

Our sense of smell is very powerful; when we inhale the essential oils, the scents can stimulate parts of the limbic system in our brain. This is the part of the brain concerned with our emotions, our behaviours, and our long-term memory.

When a massage therapist uses aromatherapy oils on your body, your skin absorbs the essential oils.

Which essential oils help with sleep and relaxation?

These are my favourite oils to use when I want to wind down and prepare for bed:


Probably the most well know when it comes to aiding sleep, lavender has a beautiful floral aroma with hints of pine. It’s been shown to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and so get your body ready for a good night’s sleep.


Many people swear by a cup of chamomile tea before bed, and there’s a good reason for that! Studies have shown that it has an effective and safe effect on sleep quality, acting as a natural sedative. I love its soft, herbal flavour with hints of sweet apples. You’ll find both chamomile and sandalwood in our Deep Relax Sleep Mist.


The rich and earthy aroma of Sandalwood is a great mood balancer, which really helps to ease any anxiety you may be feeling at the end of your day. Studies have shown that Santalol, a major component of Sandalwood, has natural sedative effects. The De-Stress and Deep Relax oils in our Essential Bath and Shower Oils set include both sandalwood and chamomile.

How to use essential oils safely

Because essential oils are so potent, it is important not to use neat essential oils on your skin or to ingest them since they can be harmful and cause irritation.

In the spa, we offer aromatherapy massages using our favourite Aromatherapy Associates essential oils. Before your treatment, we’ll discuss with you which oils would suit your emotional and physical needs best.

We encourage you to continue your essential oil therapy at home:

  • A relaxing bath or shower oil, infused with essential oils is perfect for melting away the day’s stresses. Try our Essential Bath and Shower Oils collection.
  • For when you’ re on the go, our Deep Relax Roller Ball is perfect for keeping in your handbag and rolling over your pulse points for a powerful moment of calm in a hectic day.
  • A soothing cup of tea can really help to ease you into your bedtime frame of mind. Passionflower or chamomile tea are lovely options. In this article – The Best Tea for Sleep – you’ll find more information on the best options and the studies which have been conducted about the benefits of these teas.