JANUARY a time to start self-care?

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JANUARY a time to start self-care - Soothe

January for us is a month of hopefulness, positive intentions and the excitement of planning or pondering a fresh new year ahead. However, 2021 is different. We’re in lockdown and with it our aspirations for a normal year. But here at Soothe headquarters, we like to find the silver linings, the opportunities if you will, to help you nurture a habit of self-care and wellbeing. Some of you may be stuck at home feeling lost, and for some of you, life carries on as normal. Whatever your situation, we’d like to see 2021 your healthiest and happiest year yet.


So how can we help?


Whenever we welcome you into our spa, we have intent. We want you to feel special. Your dedicated therapist wants you to feel like the only person in the world that matters whilst you’re with her. Every single move we make is with care and nurturing, ensuring you feel valued and loved. We aim to get you forgetting about the outside world and spending that valuable time with yourself and your regeneration.


“I recently experienced an APoEM Mindfulness Facial, and I’m not going to be able to give the experience the credit it truly deserves as I don’t honestly have the words. I felt so looked after, and nothing was a bit of trouble. The meticulous attention to detail, delivered with the utmost care was an out of body experience, one that I won’t forget in a hurry. It was like she was painting pure silk on my face at one point and the neck & shoulder massage at the beginning was a warm welcome, cleverly incorporated to relax you right from the start. What a truly amazing experience and a huge thank you for making me feel ready to take on life again.” – Tracey D


I suppose you could call what we want you to feel, a meditative state, a time of mindfulness. You see, although our menu appears to be like other spa menus, the way we do things isn’t, and that’s why our wonderful clients love to feedback with five stars. 

Self care in January - Soothe

Why self-care should be a priority


Let’s face it; many of us feel guilty taking time out for ourselves. We seem able to justify spending more on a handbag than we do on self-care and see time out as a ‘pamper’ or ‘treat’. If its guilt that’s stopping you, think of it like this; if we don’t look after ourselves, how can we look after others to the best of our ability? Neglect of oneself can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, low mood, exhaustion, resentment and illness, both emotional and physical (stress is linked to disease). 


Showing your body some care and respect for all the things it does for you will be paid back in dividends. Have you ever noticed the things you take care of and show respect for, look better and last longer?


Start this year not feeling disappointed by our situation’s restraints but feeling positive about the opportunity you have to make changes for a better life. We have a wide range of products that allow you to care for yourself and make time for self-care rituals. Feel free to browse our store or contact us if you’re stuck and we’ll help you find the perfect ritual, product or treatment. 

Relaxing treatments at Soothe

The Soothe Experience


  1. We can recommend the most suitable treatments for your needs ready for when we reopen. We’ll chat with you and if you want, plan or implement a routine you’ll find easy to fall into whether it be mindful facial treatments, body massages or reflexology (of the hands and face too). Take a look at our famous Mindfulness Ritual as a therapeutic facial – the organic products we use are unique to us in the UK, and the way we administer them is unique to you too.


  1. We’ll show you that self-care is how you take your power back because you’ll feel it, inside and out.


  1. We will always show love and kindness. When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace – Dalai Lama


But for now, while we’re closed, we’ll show you our love in other ways. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook posts for self-care and skincare tips, and please call us to talk about the amazing feelings you could have embarking on your very own self-care plan when we reopen. 


We can’t wait to talk to you! Give us a call on 0115 8557560, and we’ll find the perfect course of action for you. 

We wish you the healthiest and happiest new year

Misia and Team Soothe

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