Menopause doesn’t mean your skin has to prune!

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As we go through life, our skin changes along the way, often due to fluctuating hormones.

In puberty, some people find they become more spotty – not great when you’re going through such a crucial time in your development. Then, for those that have children, pregnancy can play all kinds of havoc with our skin.

And then you enter the menopause. Typically occurring between the ages of 45 and 52, the menopause heralds the arrival of a new phase in our lives. One I’m personally excited about.  Since our life expectancy these days is over 80, we can expect to spend 30 years of our lives in post menopause, so we may as well make the most if it.

Being 45 and perimenopausal – and I don’t mind admitting it – I’ve paid attention to how this major life event is going to affect me.

I’m determined I’m not going to fall into that stereotype of a shrivelled prune. And actually, I know there’s a ton of stuff you can do to prevent depleted, dry, dull, fragile and wrinkly skin.

I’m not saying you can look 30 again, but I am saying you can look healthy, vibrant and youthful.

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