My Three Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Protected

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My Three Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Protected

The bitter cold and blustering winds of winter can quickly strip skin of its moisture, leaving it prone to dryness, itching and redness. Even the welcoming warmth of central heating takes much of the moisture out of the air adding to your skin’s suffering. Additionally, certain skin conditions, such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis can develop or become aggravated during this time.
You can combat the effects of cold weather by altering your skin-care routine and diet. Here’s my advice for keeping your skin hydrated and protected during winter and anytime, keeping it soft, hydrated and nourished.

Don’t use face washes, soaps or peels

Avoid foaming face washes, soaps, peels, clay based masks and alcohol based toners as they dry the skin by tripping away your skin’s natural moisture barrier. You know when you’ve stripped your skin from its natural protective oils when you get that squeaky ‘clean’ feeling. Your skin needs to stay moist in order to be healthy. Choose richer cleansing balms or creams and remove them with a warm flannel or cloth and replace your usual mask with a deeply hydrating one. Remember! Moisturise immediately after cleansing and toning so that you seal in the moisture on your skin with your cream. No nipping off to make the bed whilst the water evaporates from your skin! Seal it in!

TIP: A fabulous hydrating mask is Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Mask. Its full of wonderful marine vitamins and minerals and the must have Hyaluronic Acid which plumps out lines and deeply hydrates your skin.

Choose a richer moisturiser or moisturise more often

I’ve always said the richer the better with regards to keeping skin supple and avoiding unnecessary fine lines. If you look around, the people who have oilier skins tend to have less wrinkles! During the winter our skins get drier, so you need to step up a notch with your cream. Moisturisers not only put the moisture back into your skin but they prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. So, choose the richest your skin will let you get away with and preferably on top of a serum for extra nourishing benefits. Experiment with textures. I’m in love with Beyond Organic’s Award Winning Ultra Radiance Age Defying Night Cream because of its rich texture and potent cocktail of natural, super-effective ingredients that make your skin glow overnight and my clients love it too, especially in Winter.

Tip: If you love your existing moisturiser, try ‘layering’ by popping on a sunscreen on top. The winter sun and snow glare can still damage your skin!

Eat foods rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs are used to treat skin conditions where the skin’s function is compromised (dry skin). EFA’s  come in the form of Omega-3, 6 and 9 and have a whole range of important functions within the body including the skin. They are important for memory and brain function and they actively maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. EFA’s are also used for maintaining a healthy hormone balance, good eyesight and strong immunity so a pretty important part of our diet and health! Found in fish, dark leafy veg, eggs, seeds and nuts so ensure you’re including these every day in your meals or snacks. If you’re supplementing your diet ensure that your nutritional supplements aren’t synthetically manufactured as these are not processed by the body and are a waste of your money. Visit your local specialist health food shop for a quality supplement.

TIP: You might even find Omega oils in some good skin care ranges like Beyond Organics available at Soothe or online at

Do you have dry skin or perhaps you’re not sure what kind of skin you have? Leave me a message or get hold of me via my Facebook page. I’ll be more than happy to help you with your skin concerns.

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