Oct 31st |Our Reset Retreat with The Crystalised

Misia at Soothe

Crystal Sound Event on Oct 31 | – A Reset Retreat to Pause, Relax and Restore

As we head into the darker months this is the perfect time to make space for yourself, pause and retreat with us at Soothe & the beautiful Jane at The Crystalised.

This is a journey of realignment, using sound meditation and the deeply nourishing vibration of crystal healing.

This is a fully immersive experience that has a deeply relaxing, restorative effect on the mind, body and emotions. The sound of the crystal singing bowls shifts the autonomic nervous system, with deep activation of the resting activity of the brain, resetting your own natural state of being.

The retreat runs from 10.45am – 12.30pm and includes arrival drinks and fruit. Here’s how the session is structured:

10:45 (Misia welcomes with Happy Day Tea and fruit)

11am Jane – Welcome and Introduction – inc. quarter point of the year, day & night equal relevance to wellbeing

11:15 Meditation

11:30 Crystal Sound

12:00 Gift Bag – explanation of contents and how to use

12:10 Journaling – explanation and time to write

12:30 Gentle close with wishes for a powerful day.

To book, please give us a call on 01158557560 or book online http://phore.st/UYi5W. Places are limited to six.

Crystals have played a part of our lives since Ancient times. The Egyptians used stones for protection and health. The Ancient Greeks attributed a number of properties to crystals, in fact, the word ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word for ice. Crystals and gemstones have also played a part in all religions. So there must be something in it, right? Jane Wood, the owner of The Crystalised, certainly thinks so and has built a career around helping people find their place in the world. Visit her website or follow her on Instagram to find out more about her work.

So join us to pause, relax and restore as you honour your own wellbeing. Journey with us and return to your own harmonic frequency.

To book, please give us a call on 01158557560. Places are limited to six. We have three left at the time of writing this blog. Your payment to secure your place with us will be taken over the phone.

We look forward to relaxing in a beautiful, calming space with you.

Team Soothe