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Your skin is as important as your wedding dress and flowers, if not more so!

Amidst the fuss of wedding planning its easy to lose sight of our wellbeing and skin’s condition. But preparing your skin for your special day is as important as your dress and flowers, if not more so. Your photographs are going to be your only ever-lasting keepsake, so you need to feel beautiful and confident and let that shine through from every page of your album.

I’d highly recommend monthly treatments like the Hydrafacial to keep the skin clear and bright, or if you struggle with scarring, the smoothing and firming benefits of Venus Viva can be life-changing. We can even create a wedding photo facial especially for you! Start six to twelve months ahead of your wedding day.


Here’s what a regular facial will do.
  • Brighten your skin so that light reflects off it giving you a soft-focus, dewy glow.
  • Clear blemishes and improve skin texture and appearance for a smoother makeup application.
  • Plump out fine lines and wrinkles so that you look and feel radiant and youthful.
  • Hydrate the skin making makeup much easier to apply, helping it look flawless and natural.
  • Smooth, exfoliated skin prevents that ‘made up’ look because makeup pigment cannot attach itself to your dead skin cells.
  • Dewy, healthy skin prevents makeup from looking dry, dull and flaky.
  • Invigorating lifting massage techniques revitalise and tone the skin and muscle helping you look rejuvenated, lifted and feel great too!
  • You won’t look back wishing you’d made more effort with your skin.
  • Boost collagen and hydration so you look younger than before.
  • Gives problematic skin an opportunity to heal and repair.


Studio Shoots

If you’re having your photos taken in a studio for your business or family portrait, a facial the day before can really make all the difference. The bright lamps the photographer uses will highlight every flaw in your makeup such as foundation pigment that has latched on to your dry skin cells and will exacerbate any scarring or pitting you may have. A freshly smoothed skin will reflect the light, giving a more flawless finish.

Natural flaws are beautiful, they make up who you are, but there are certain unnecessary blemishes that we just don’t need!

Not just for wedding days

Looking after your now will pay dividends in the future. Those who start young, in the teens and twenties often look younger than their years. Those who wait until they’re fifty, face challenges with skin texture and may not achieve the instantaneous results they were hoping for. It’s about investing in yourself (time and self-care) and your skin.

Look after your mental and physical wellbeing, eat nutritiously and learn to understand your skin’s needs. This includes choosing and using the right skincare.

We offer a complimentary Advanced Skincare Analysis where you’ll discover secrets – tweaks you can make to your lifestyle, nutrition, skincare and treatments that can make all the difference to the way your skin looks and the way you feel. Start your photo-worthy skin journey by booking your wedding photo facial here.


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