7 Reasons Why Men Should Have Facials

Misia at Soothe

Our male clients might not shout about their facials, but you’ll recognise a guy who looks after his skin – he’s the one with the healthy look, the smooth skin and the twinkle in his eye because he’s feeling good (and people just love to touch his skin)!

So, if you think that facials are the domain of women alone, think again. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should consider booking a men’s facial today:

1 | A professional facial at Soothe is like a healthy jet wash for the skin

We can clean out the deep-down dirt and detox your pores, giving you a much deeper clean than you can achieve in your bathroom. Turn the blackhead ‘eugh’ factor to a clean and soft ‘oooh’ factor.

2 | Prevent ingrown hairs and rashes

Regular exfoliation means that dead, dulling skin cells don’t trap hairs beneath your skin or cause inflammation and pesky red pimples. Our hand-picked lotions and potions will smooth and soften your skin, allowing hairs to grow happily, banishing irritation.

3 | Say goodbye to dry and dull skin

And “oh helloo” to fresh-looking, touchable skin. There’s nothing sexier than a healthy-looking man who’s feeling good. Boost your man glow and check out our HydraMan HydraFacial or Geneo Super Man Facial.

4 | Learn about your skin

It’s a science after all. We can help you discover your skin type and what it needs to maintain healthy and youthful skin. Do you know whether you’re using the right products or if they’re actually doing what you want them to? A facial is a great way to give your skin the spark it needs and to learn about how to maintain it at home.

5 | We’ve got better tools than you!

Oh yes we have! As well as our hands, we have a plethora of machinery and technology at our fingertips – radiofrequency, pulsed electro magnetic fields and Vortex technology to name a few. Sound good? Sure is! Take a look at these for clean, young-looking skin.

Vortex – HydraMan
Radiofrequency – Geneo SuperFacial

Pulsed electro – Venus Tightening

6 | Stress Less & Relax More

Did you know stress accelerates ageing and causes breakouts? When done well, facials can be extremely relaxing. Take the load off and recharge your batteries. Forget about your troubles – a Soothe Snooze does wonders for the soul and miracles with the skin (and all while you sleep! See, you can multi-task after all ;-)).

7 | You’ll look amazing – Seriously

As we said in our opener, you can always tell a man who looks after his skin. It’s smooth, bright, clean and clear. Men age better than woman generally anyway, so why not infuriate us even more by protecting your skin and reducing accelerated ageing? Grrrr…

There’s only One Rule

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, don’t shave right before the facial. Freshly shaved skin can become irritated once exfoliants like acids or enzymes are applied. But if you have a lot of stubble, consider shaving the night before. Too much stubble can prevent the lovely massagey flow of our facials and cause havoc with cotton wool and hot steamed towels. We like clean shaven but don’t do it straight before your facial!

Book now or contact us for further advice.