The Lazy Lady Guide to Radiant Skin

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I know what it’s like. You’re busy and you’ve no time to be indulging yourself in complex skincare rituals every night. And this is why your skin is looking dull and unhealthy right?

Did you know that investing just 15 minutes a week on your skin can completely transform it?

I can hear you say it! ‘Who’s got 15 minutes a week to spend faffing on creams?’


I know you have. Add up how many minutes a day you spend on Facebook making sure you’ve not missed anything. Add that to the amount of time spent catching up on the grisly goings-on on Albert Square. And add that on to the amount of time it takes you to read a blog or two ????

See? There’s more than 15 minutes right there. So no excuses!

Yeah, but why bother looking after my skin?

Firstly, it makes you feel nice. It’s healthy to spend a few moments on yourself, by yourself. Secondly, a good nourishing routine improves the condition of your skin no end, making it soft and dewy and glow with health and vitality. You want to look glowy and healthy don’t you? Lastly, you can’t complain about looking ‘dull and boring’ or ‘getting old’ if you’re not going to do anything about it.

Your skin looks after you

Your skin is working hard to protect your body every moment of every day. You need to prevent it from becoming stressed to avoid issues like dehydration, premature wrinkling, irritation and inflammation, signs of a weakened barrier function. You can help keep it happy by preventing the loss of moisture from your skin (Trans Epidermal Water Loss or TEWL) by avoiding harsh, soapy products that strip the skin of its natural protective oils and applying moisturisers to seal in the moisture and replenish and feed the skin.

Next time you settle down to your favourite TV programme with your glass of organic wine, take this guide with you.

Firstly, get a basket or bag and fill it with the following:

A creamy cleanser or cleansing oil / balm
A clean flannel
A good quality exfoliant
A hydrating or moisturising mask
A good quality moisturiser that makes your skin sing ‘ahhhh…’

This is now your ‘Lazy Lady Basket’ (LLB) Keep it by the sofa.

When its time to watch ‘Say Yes to the dress’ or whatever your guilty pleasure is, go and wet your flannel in hot water and wring out. keep it twisted up so it retains some heat. Grab your wine and your LLB and switch on the telly or step into the bath.

Step 1

Massage your cleanser into your skin using circular massage movements all over your face and neck

Cleanser dissolves all your greasy grime, stale makeup, salts and environmental pollutants that you’d normally sleep in! (Am I right? Top tip: Change your pillow covers frequently if you’re guilty of this. Your skin can’t heal whilst its bathing in a pit of dirt and bacteria. Eww!)

Massage encourages blood flow which feeds the skin and stimulates your muscle fibres which will improve the overall appearance of your skin. Massage in upward movements that create a ‘lifting’ effect.
Wipe off with hot flannel.

So far so good. You’ve not had to move.

Step 2

Apply your exfoliant to your face and neck

GENTLY massage the exfoliant in circular movements paying particular attention to the nose and chin and any deep lines. Let the grains do the work, not you. Pushing the abrasive fluid into your skin isn’t going to do it any good. Be gentle.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells which accumulate causing your skin to look dull and congested. Congestion can lead to spots. Removing these dead skin cells reveals a much brighter and fresher complexion.

Pause telly. Grab your mask and go and rinse exfoliant off. Follow IMMEDIATELY with step 3 after rinsing to avoid skin drying out.

Step 3

Apply your mask

Don’t be mean with it. A nice, thick layer please. Look pretty? Take a selfie and post it on my FB page for a free goodie bag!

A mask can treat different skin conditions. Choose a hydrating one if your skin is feeling parched. A deep cleansing one if your skin is feeling grotty. You get the drift.

Now go back to the telly and press play. Take a sip or two of wine whilst your mask works hard for you. Chill.

After 5 or 10 minutes go and rinse off your mask. Take your moisturiser with you. Don’t forget to press pause!

Step 4

Apply your moisturiser straight away

A nice blob of it please. Make sure your skin feels well hydrated and soft. If it still feels dry or taught you’ve not used enough for your skin so apply more. Or, you’ve not chosen a product that suits you. If this is the case, give me a shout and book in for my Skincare Review

The purpose of a moisturiser is to moisturise. Shocking hey? But I can’t tell you the amount of dehydrated and prematurely lined skins I see every day. And this can be dealt with (usually) with a good quality, hydrating cream and a basic appreciation of skin function (which you’ll get in the Skincare Review).

Finding your perfect moisturiser is a bit like going in search of the Holy Grail. For now, use what you’ve got but contact me if you want some advice. Why don’t you leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you?

Et Voila! Don’t you look and feel better and fresher?

Now you can go back to doing whatever it is you usually do. Or you could just switch off your PC and phone, grab a book, lie on your cosy bed and enjoy some peaceful ‘you time’.

To find out how to choose your products for your LLB tune in next time for ‘How to choose your cleanser’.

P.S. Change your pillow case. You don’t want to undo all your hard work now do you?

P.P.S. You look beautiful! ????


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