Venus Viva Event | 30th March

Misia at Soothe

join us on 30th March to experience for yourself the rejuvenating, youthful glow that can be achieved with Venus viva’s advanced technology.

By appointment only, we’d love to welcome you to our West Bridgford spa for a 45 minute Venus Viva Face Lift treatment. Usually £120, at this exclusive event you’ll pay just £45, which will then be redeemable against any Venus Viva course purchase you make on the day.

We’ll be highlighting the long-term benefits of the Venus Face Lift treatment and giving you the opportunity to learn more about its sister treatment, the Venus Resurfacing treatment for lines, scars and pigmentation.

There will be considerable savings to be made on the day and we will be offering our direct debit facilities so that you can spread the cost of any course you might like to purchase.

The Venus Face Lift Event starts at 11am and finishes at 7pm (last appointment at 6pm).

What is Venus Viva?

The Venus Viva Face Lift is a collagen-boosting treatment, which delivers a non-surgical radio frequency through the skin’s surface.

This process stimulates the body’s healing response, repairing the skin by replacing the damaged tissue with new collagen.

This is a medical grade treatment carried out by cosmetic surgeons in the US; It’s often used by the stars to keep themselves looking fresh-faced and youthful, especially for TV appearances!

During your treatment, we will work on one side of your face first so that you can see the visible results, before completing the treatment on the other side. After your visit, we will send you a before and after picture as a reminder of what the treatment can do for you as well as a PDF detailing the treatment benefits and recommendations to support your skin health and collagen production.

What are the benefits?

  • Smooths skin’s appearance.
  • Plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Softens the appearance of acne scarring.
  • Tightens sagging skin and firms the jawline
  • A fresher, more youthful glow.

Course Savings

The Venus Face Lift treatment is £120 and only includes the face to the jawline. If you book a course of 5, not only will you get your 6th free, saving you £120, but we will also include the neck! Course price £600.

The Luxury Face Lift treatment is £140 and includes the face, neck and a spa facial. If you book a course of 5, not only will you get the 6th free saving you £140, but we will also include your hands. They say that your neck and hands give your age away, and now you’ve got this covered! Course price £700.

Why I Know You’ll Love Your Venus Viva Treatment

Dramatic results

Venus Viva tightens sagging jawlines, reduces wrinkles and improves skin brightness to turn back the clock to a more youthful, rejuvenated skin!

There’s no downtime or discomfort

The treatment will feel warm and soothing – most people fall asleep – and there’s no downtime afterwards!

The results will last

The lifting results are immediate, but as the new collagen takes 3 months to mature, the benefits and results will be ongoing. After your final treatment, your results will continue to improve. The results from a course of 6 treatments will last around 2 years; with each treatment you will be topping up your collagen and increasing your skin’s health and strength.