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Estime & Sens products are only available in the spa and through our partnership with the Luxury Skincare Brands website.

estime and sens hydra radiance bi phase oil image with fruit

Hydra-Radiance Bi-Phase Oil

Moisturising. Hydrating. Radiance Boosting. First signs of ageing. The organic moisturising cocktail for tired and dull-looking skin! Its light texture quickly delivers suppleness and radiance to dehydrated skin.

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Sublime Youth Elixir

It feels luxurious, it smells like chocolate orange and it makes your skin feel plump, dewy and comforted. This unique, sumptuous formulation mimics the action of retinol without the associated irritation and it’s safe to use during the day.

estime and sens slimming booster products and box

Essence of Estime Slimming Booster

One of our hero products, the essence of esteem “booster minceur” is a slimming product that acts on water retention and fatty deposits, quickly improving the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin for a smoother, slimmer silhouette.

About Estime & Sens

Taking care of you and caring for nature.

Estime & Sens believes that true beauty is a result of high self esteem. Respect for your health & for our planet is very important to them.

A sensory joy & a pleasure to use.

You’ll enjoy using the products as much as you enjoy the results! Beautiful scents &  luxurious textures make them a true a pleasure.

High quality, healthy & effective.

This organic-certified brand uses carefully selected, naturally active ingredients. You will be able to see & feel the results!

More from Estime & Sens

The Estime & Sens brand was born from an altruistic vision of cosmetics and especially from a passion.

Estime & Sens are convinced that making a person beautiful is first and foremost about strengthening her/his self-esteem; they want to help men and women take care of themselves. That’s why they have created high-quality products that are healthy, effective and pleasant to use, and that invite you on a unique sensory journey.

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Gentle Cleansing Milk

A very soft cleanser designed for dry and fragile skin. It gently erases all traces of make-up, excess sebum and pollution.

The almond-raspberry and praline fragrance makes it a pleasure to use, stimulating the senses and tastebuds!

estime sens gentle eye lip makeup remover product image

Gentle Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover

This gentle bi-phase make-up remover for eyes and lips is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin.

All traces of makeup – even waterproof – are easily wiped away while maintaining respect for delicate skin.

“I couldn’t live without my Sublime Youth Elixir.

My skin could never tolerate synthetic retinols and as a mature woman, retinol was something I wanted in my routine. I couldn’t live without my Sublime Youth Elixir now. (Bidens Pilosa with retinol-like action).

Misia’s routine – Face Cleansing Gel, Solution Peeling Active, Sublime Youth Elixir, Anti-Ageing Sublime Cream.

“I LOVE my Vitamin C!

The smell alone is enough for me to keep it as part of my routine! And the slimming products definitely work!”

Claire’s routine – Hydra-Radiance Bi-Phase Oil, Essence of Esteem Slimming Booster, 24HR Slimming Cream

“Within a week my red, irritated skin was comfortable, even and glowing.

I can’t believe I struggled for so long! From being told I had rosacea to having the best skin of my life! I can’t praise Estime & Sens and the staff at Soothe enough.”

Joan’s routine – Gentle Cleansing Milk, Gentle Toner, Solution Concentrate #4, Velvety Cream

estime and sens sublime youth elixir image with plants



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