Qt® Beaū For Him

Beaū contains a unique blend of active ingredients that work in synergy to support men of all ages.


This comprehensive formula delivers natural, bioavailable nutrients that can assist in managing agerelated collagen loss while also increasing libido and improving stamina. Take your skin and health care regime to the next level with Beaū. Benefits

  • Develops muscle tone and aids in muscle recovery
  • Reverses fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clears blemishes
  • Reduces joint pain and promotes bone strength
  • Improve hair and nail strength
  • Boosts testosterone and libido
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns

To enhance your results, take Beaū with Encorē. Mango flavoured drink formula. Activated Charcoal and Blackseed provide the distinctive colour. 100% natural ingredients. Gluten-free and dairy-free. 5.5 grams of collagen per 7 gram serve. 220 grams per container. 30-day supply.