Sepai – City Shield SPF50 PA++++ – 29g

The CITY shield photo-protector, with broad spectrum SPF 50, is the most advanced global protection shield for the skin. Its exclusive formula DNA-Protect complex offers a state of the art defense against aging and prevents from the harmful effects caused by sunlight and environmental pollution: erythema, aging, spots and DNA damage. CITY Shield has been formulated without: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, formaldehydes, mineral oils.

Its lightweight texture absorbs the excess of oil and allows perspiration, leaving the skin perfectly soft and smooth, visibly youthful and luminous. Works perfectly applied before make up after the daily routine. Can also be applied alone, or during the day as needed, on top of the makeup with light touches, preserving all the efficacy of its benefits.

4 Stages of protection – CITY Shield combines the physical and chemical sun filters, together with the power of biotechnological green ingredients from a red coral, diatomaceous sea bottom extract and natural fermented polysaccharides. All with an only mission; to protect the skin in 4 stages:

· Immediate effect · The erythema: protecting the skin from UVB radiation, it increases its resistance and reinforces its protection capacity from sunburn.

· Mid-term effect · Antioxidant and anti-aging power: the sun related skin aging, commonly leads to wrinkles and spots, caused by the reaction of the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation and environmental pollution.

· Long term effect · DNA protection and repair: preventing the invisible damage, definitely the most important, happening at extracellular and intracellular levels (oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondrial and cellular toxicity caused by UV, infra-red and visible light radiations).

· Chronic effect · IInflammation prevention: the multiple sun radiations and the air pollutants cause skin microinflammation. This is the first cause of all the undesired aesthetic effects like spots, irregular pigmentation, sun allergies and reduced resistance to sun exposure. Keeping micro-inflammation under control is paramount.

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For all skin types (due to its oil-free formulation) seeking for the most complete and highest SPF protection as well as an anti-pollution defense. Also suits skins in need of very high sun protection, phototypes I and II (very pale), sensitive skins or skins exposed to lasers or post-surgical procedures.


In the morning apply CITY shield after the daily care routine, and before make-up. During the day apply CITY shield on top of make-up as a light touch-up. Smooth liberally over the face, avoiding the eyes area, at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat the application as needed. Shake well before each use.

TIPS OF USE · Shake before use. Apply liberally on face 15 minutes before sun exposure. inside

LITHOTHAMNION CALCAREUM · DNA & cell protector · Calcified red algae are known for their mineral content but also for their ability to filter UV/IR rays and their heat insulating and absorption properties.

PROTECTIVE ARMOR (biosaccharide gum-4) · Anti-pollution & General environmental protection · Polysaccharide of natural origin that forms a global protective barrier against atmospheric pollution, UVs, and domestic pollution.

BABCHI SEED EXTRACT (Bakuchiol) · Extracellular matrix rejuvenator · It is a well defined pure natural compound obtained from the edible seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (Bu-gu-zhi – ααα). It improves dermal & dermo-epidermal architecture providing a broad-spectrum 3D structure benefit.

CELL-PROTECT (decarboxy carnosine HCl) · Skin structural promoter & Metabolic protector · A natural peptide compound which is able to protect the skin’s components from the constant aggression of oxidative threats (solar radiations, pollution, physical stress, etc.) and to maintain the metabolic activities of the exposed cells. The anti-glycation, antioxidant action protects DNA from mutations which is the main cause of structural collapse, loss of elasticity, lines and inflammation.