Sepai – Elixir Range – De-Puff Eyes Eye Serum – 12ml

De-puffing eye serum. Under-eye serum especially designed for eyes with puffiness to improve its appearance, visibly tightening the skin and giving an illuminated touch to the eye contour area.

Contains 15 well-known natural draining and fat burning extracts (horse chesnut, butcherbroom, ivy, witch hazel, goldenrod, membranous milk-vetch, grape, arnica, tea, rosemary, lemon, kelp, bladderwrack, mimosa and bitter orange), a combined action of carnitine and caffeine, an awarded peptide for improving circulation and decrease water retention (acetyl tetrapeptide-5) and 2 fat fighting peptides (decapeptide-2 and tripeptide-3), as well as Pueraria lobata (kudzu) extract for an immediate skin tightening and luminosity action.



To treat puffiness either from water retention or from lipidic accumulation on all skin types.


Mix the ACTI-C in the bottle. Shake well before each use, apply day and night on the eye contour area including the upper lid (before your regular treatment). Let it absorb before applying the next product.

TIPS OF USE · In case of need, it can be mixed with LIGHT CIRCLES; just mix one drop of each in your fingertips and apply to the eye contour.


ACTI C (ethyl ascorbic acid) · Global skin optimizer & Antioxidant · It is a derivative of ascorbic acid, one of the most stable derivatives of ascorbic acid known. Once it penetrates into the skin, it is metabolized to ascorbic acid. Due to this process its efficacy is more pronounced than the one of pure ascorbic acid, more unstable.

TRIPEPTIDE-3 · Fat burning & Energizing · Molecular active to increase the level of intracellular ATP (energy boosting) and stimulates fat burning, confirmed by glycerol release. Increases ATP levels in vitro, increases intracellular calcium in vitro, improves epidermal differentiation and shows a slimming action by activation of lipolysis.

CARNITINE · Metabolizer & Fat burning · Carnitine is a substance that exists naturally in the body and is responsible for fat metabolism. It is necessary as without it our body would not be able to “use” the accumulated fat that serves as “fuel” for normal functioning. L-Carnitine is a derivative of the essential amino acids found in proteins. Basically this substance is synthesized from lysine (essential amino acid). With the help of other amino acids, iron and vitamins such as B3, B6 and C, this substance is transported via the blood to the cellular mitochondria where energy metabolism occurs. If we lack L-Carnitine, our organism can not consume the stored fat and therefore we accumulate an excess of fat.

CAFFEINE · Vasoconstrictor & Antioxidant · Synthetic extract that works on the skin in three principal ways: as a vasoconstrictor, antioxidant, and diuretic. Improves the appearance of dry or damaged skin, reduces flaking and restores flexibility. Activates lipolysis, mobilizing accumulated fat.

PUERARIA LOBATA (pueraria lobata (kudzu) extract · Skin redynamizer · Etymologically, its botanical name means “always young” and, according to the experts, its efficacy in cosmetics is due to its content in substances known for their capacity to reactivate the functioning of cutaneous cells weakened by hormonal deficit. In this way, it reactivates the production of proteins, lipids and NMF, hydration factors naturally synthesized by young skins.

IVY EXTRACT · Toning & Astringent · Ivy is well known for its toning, astringent and refining properties. Ivy extract has slimming and anti-cellulitic properties, due it preventing the accumulation of water in superficial tissues. t is antibacterial and calming in cases of sunburn. Ivy extract is currently under study for its vasoconstrictor properties due to its vitamin P. Reduces tissue sensitivity, activates circulation, helps reduces local inflammation. It has analgesic and lipolytic properties, favours vascular and lymphatic irrigation and drainage.

RUSCUS · Venotonic & Anti-inflammatory · Natural extract rich in ruscogenin, which has a venotonic effect (causing the contraction of blood vessels, increasing firmness of the veins and helping to reduce inflammation), activates microcirculation and facilitates lymphatic and circulatory drainage. It contains steroid saponins, potassium salts, flavonoids, essential oils and resins. It is antiedemic and anti-inflammatory and has an astringent effect.