Sepai – Essentials Range – Cleanse ultra-nourishing, luxurious face cleansing balm – 142ml

Designed as an all-purpose ultra-nourishing, luxurious face cleansing balm that melts when in contact with the skin and removes impurities and makeup. Formulated with fermented olive, first pressed chia seed oils and the Chrono- Energizing Complex.

The CLEANSE balm is an all-in-one cleansing product: it is a perfect makeup remover (including waterproof) and a gentle cleansing balm. It cleanses and soothes the skin with a comfortable silky and luminous finishing. CLEANSE is rich in the micronutrients magnesium, zinc and copper; all catalysts in enzymatic reactions and the synergistic effect stimulates cell metabolism, boosts respiration and ATP production, blocks primary free radicals, and stimulates and protects the mitochondria.

When combined with the Energy Bloom Infusion, it provides the skin with extra energy and antioxidant protection, for a long-lasting dewy look.



For all skin types (especially normal to dry) or those that enjoy oil cleansing, or prefer a sensation of deep nutrition and luminous finishing.


Apply 2 pumps of CLEANSE and massage gently on dry face in ascending circles. Add 3-4 drops of Energy Bloom Infusion (or water) on top and massage until it transforms into a white cream. Remove with the aid of a COTTON TOWEL and rinse thoroughly with water. If needed, apply 2 drops of the Bloom Infusion directly on the face as a finishing touch up.

TIPS OF USE · Apply the CLEANSE on the skin, massage and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes before removing for an extra nourishing and protective treatment.


FERMENTED OLIVE OIL · Moisturizing & Antioxidant · New generation of olive oil, slowly fermented for a long period of time. The fermentation process confers a greater amount of linoleic and oleic acids, enhances penetration ability and improves radical scavenging activity.

CHRONO ENERGIZING COMPLEX (magnesium, copper and zinc) · Chrono Energizing & Re-balancing · Multimineral active chrono-energizer (magnesium, copper and zinc synergy) for skin. Stimulates & protects the mitochondria boosting respiration and ATP production as well as blocking the primary free radicals. Beyond its action on cellular oxygenation, the Chrono-Energizing Complex protects the dermis (anti-glycation action) and the skin’s balance (boosts cell communication).

CHIA SEED OIL · Super-food & Super-Moisturizer · Chia seed is considered the richest botanical source of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature. These fatty acids work to encourage a more plump look to the skin. They also help maintain moisture levels, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as relieving dryness and peeling. Chia seed oil is also a great source of vitamin B3 and zinc, which helps with oily skin and clogged pores. Its fully charged with antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid, as well as myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol flavonoids. These components offer protection from environmental stressors. In fact, the antioxidants in chia seed oil have shown to be even stronger than vitamin C and vitamin E, two common and powerful antioxidants.