Sepai – Flawless Range – Dark Spots Serum – 12ml

Our Sepai is a light silky-textured serum formulated to act on existing spots while avoiding the appearance of new ones.

It reduces the appearance of all phenomena causing loss of uniformity of the skin including reddening and age spots. After the application, the rhythm of skin pigmentation is controlled. The spots diminish and the skin reveals a new shine. It is visibly more uniform, brighter and more beautiful.

Contains Niacinamide to brighten the skin, an extract of Daisy Flower to prevent the formation of age spots or hormonal pigmentation disorders, an Exopolysaccharide to prevent spots from pollution and inflammation, a stable fraction of Hexylresorcinol with the capacity of reducing extra and intra-cellular melanin, and a complex of actives to prevent the sun damage and therefore the subsequent formation of new sun spots.


who is Sepai Dark Spots Serum for

All skin types with dyschromia, hyper-pigmentation and spots.


Apply a very small amount in the area of interest and gently massage until completely absorbed. Daily use, only at night.

TIPS OF USE · If you want to have a global brightening and tone unifying finishing, apply a few drops of Sepai Flawless Dark Spots, all over the face, after having applied it locally on the spots to treat.

inside Sepai Dark Spots Serum

VITAMIN B3 (niacinamide) · Cell dynamizer & Brightening · Vitamin B3 preserves the levels of important skin enzymes (NADH and NADPH), that contribute to the support of the skin’s barrier against pollutants and other irritants. It’s also useful to enhance the production of natural emollients that can help the skin to remain hydrated. Contributes to the production of cellular energy and lipids (responsible for cell growth and differentiation) and has a proven brightening effect on the skin.

DAISY WHITE FLOWER · 3D skin lightener · This ultra-pure fractionated extract from organic daisy blossoms lightens and evens skin tone. It activates the brightening power of the skin from 3 different paths and acts on pigmentation disorders, hyperpigmentation or age spots.

CITY DEFENSE LIGHTENER (saccharide isomerate) · Lightener for «urban induced» dark spots · Marine Exopolysaccharide with a completely new anti-spots strategy: it has a protective effect from inflammation and pigmentation induced by pollution and UV exposure.

MELANO-MINIMIZER (hydrolyzed algae extract) · Lightening & Evens complexion · Aqueous extract of Dictyopteris membranacea (Brown Seaweed) obtained from cultivated algae capable of reducing the global melanin production and transfer for a lightening and anti-dark spots effect. Lightens the skin for a sublime complexion.

ARBUTIN · Skin Lightening · Arbutin, the beta-D-glucopyranoside derivative of hydroquinone, is a naturally occurring plant product which has been used successfully in the treatment of hyperpigmentary disorders. The glycosidic bond is hydrolyzed in vivo leading to the controlled release of hydroquinone. Arbutin acts by the inhibition of tyrosinase, thereby decreasing melanin formation. The normal skin microflora may also hydrolyze arbutin; the hydrolyzed hydroquinone shows more potent free-radical scavenging activity and tyrosinase inhibition than arbutin.

TRANEXAMIC ACID · Lightening · Acid with whitening effects especially for ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation including melasma. The Tranexamic acid acts a traditional hemostatic ingredient, has hypopigmentory effect on melasma lesions and also prevents UV-induced pigmentation. The intracellular release of arachidonic acid (AA), and the level of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone increase as the result of plasmin activity. These two substances can activate melanin synthesis. Therefore, the anti- plasmin activity of TA is thought as the main mechanism of hypopigmentory effect of this agent. Used ar 3% is as effective as using hydroquinone but withour the side effects of inflammation and eritema.

BABCHI SEED EXTRACT (Bakuchiol) · Extracellular matrix rejuvenator · It is a well defined pure natural compound obtained from the edible seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (Bu-gu-zhi – 补骨脂). It improves dermal & dermo-epidermal architecture providing a broad-spectrum 3D structure benefit.

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