Sepai – Flawless Range – Lips – Lip Contour Treatment – 12ml

Lip contour treatment to treat aging signs on the lip contour area: wrinkles, lack of plumpness, dark spots, dryness.

A rich, easy-absorption fluid containing powerful active ingredients combined with the retin-less technology in order to visibly repair and replenish lips whilst reducing the appearance of fine vertical lines and wrinkles on the lip contour area. Lips appear naturally fuller, softer and beautifully defined.

This total anti-aging lip contour treatment contains a hydrating complex (Jimmo Root) that plumps lips and visibly smoothens, restores, soothes, and softness to the lips area. With Babchi Seed extract to fight the consequences of sun radiation, help protect lips against the daily damage caused by sun exposure and ensure a renewal of the skin for a youthful look. The Hexylresorcinol brightens the area while defending the skin by improving the production of glutathione. The lip contour appears rejuvenated.

· Repairs and regenerates the lips providing a superior fuller finish
· Protects against premature aging and reduces fine lines around the lips · Improves skin complexion around the lip area



Problematic lip contour area showing dark spots, wrinkles, dryness, lack of volume, etc.


Apply a minimum amount of product on the lip contour massaging from the center of the lip to the sides, then from one extreme to the other, and vice versa, like drawing a smile with your fingertip. Massage for 30 seconds or until complete absorption. Use in the mornings and evenings after your cleansing routine. Use daily for long-lasting intensive care.

TIPS OF USE · You can also apply Flawless Lips on top of the lips, to improve their volume, just consider you can feel a tingling sensation.


BABCHI SEED EXTRACT (Bakuchiol) · Extracellular matrix rejuvenator · It is a well defined pure natural compound obtained from the edible seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (Bu-gu-zhi – 补骨脂). It improves dermal & dermo-epidermal architecture providing a broad-spectrum 3D structure benefit.

PROTECTIVE ARMOR (biosaccharide gum-4) · Anti-pollution & General environmental protection · Polysaccharide of natural origin that forms a global protective barrier against atmospheric pollution, UVs, and domestic pollution.

JIMO ROOT EXTRACT (Anemarrhena asphodeloides (zhi mu) root extract) · Volume lipofilling-like effect · Extract from the roots of botanical Anemarrhena asphodeloides (知母 – zhi mu) rich in sarsasapogenin, phytosterol with no hormonal activity that promotes increased volume thanks to a cosmetic filling effect.