Sepai – Recovery Range – Booster+ Recovery Serum – 35ml

Revitalise and redensify your skin with this smart-aging serum which works on the major skin aging factors. Formulated to invigorate the skin, the natural radiance of your skin will be revealed surprisingly easy, giving it a more healthy-looking texture and a subtle glow.

Global optimising serum that offers outstanding results with an intensely moisturizing rich texture. The RECOVERY formula has a high concentration of carefully selected active ingredients that, with just a couple of drops, provide an integral help to prevent signs of aging.

With extraordinary results, its daily use ensures a visibly younger, smoother and brighter skin after the first few applications.



Normal to dry skin or those who prefer nourishing textures and a luminous effect.


Customize with up to 2 TUNE IT Boosters. Shake before use. Apply the product on face, neck and décolleté, massage until its complete absorption.
Can also be used alone.

To Mix the TUNE IT Boosters with the base follow the following instructions: Remove the o-ring seal. Remove the cap of the syringe, empty the entire content of the booster into the cream or serum bottle. Stick the label enclosed to the marked area on the bottle. If you encounter any difficulties in emptying the syringe content, replace the cap, place it in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes, remove the cap and repeat the operation. Shake vigorously before each use and apply onto clean skin.

TIPS OF USE · Use it pure or customize it with up to 2 TUNE IT Boosters. inside

LONGEVITY EXTENDER TRUFFLE (tuber magnatum (white truffle) extract) · Longevity enhancer & anti-aging · Obtained by the exclusive bio-liquefaction technology, the active ingredient contains 100% of the amazing “interactive” phytocomplex of the white truffle with multi-functional anti-aging activity.

ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS CONTROL EXTRACT (marrubium vulgare (white horehound) extract) · Anti-Pollution & Cell dynamizer · Obtained from Marrubium vulgare (White Horehound) by a unique method which allows the extraction of an ingredient rich in protective phytomolecules to fight against visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin. ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS CONTROL EXTRACT has 4 paths of action: protects skin cells from the penetration of pollutants; removes and neutralizes toxic oxidant species; strengthens the skin barrier; and repairs the cell metabolism by replenishing the energy level and reducing the inflammation, for a total DNA protection.

GROWTH-DAMAGE CONTROL-FACTOR (crocus sativus (saffron crocus) flower extract) · Cell-cell communication promoter · A flower extract to improve cell-cell communication thanks to its growth factor-like activity to improve the biomechanical properties of the skin. It induces proteins production, increases firmness and activates skin’s own Growth Factors.