Sepai – Recovery Range – Global+ Recovery Moist – 35ml

High-performance formula that provides a global optimising care for the skin with a rich texture. Its RECOVERY formula x2 contains ingredients specifically selected for their proven reinforcing capacity. The skin is revitalised, intensely nourished

and lines and wrinkles filled in. The result is a visibly smoother and softer skin, with renewed brightness.

The RECOVERY Formula is a unique concept in the market that offers a truly revitalizing treatment that addresses all possible causes of skin aging. It recharges energy and protects DNA at the cellular level. This multitasking formula will invigorate your skin providing long lasting hydration and moisture. The skin looks smooth and dewy, the fine lines blend and soften as tissue renews.

The result is a visibly smoother and softer skin, with renewed luminosity.



Normal to dry skin or those who prefer nourishing textures and a luminous effect.


Shake before use. Apply the product on face, neck and décolleté, massage until its complete absorption. Can also be used alone.

To Mix the TUNE IT Boosters with the base follow the following instructions: Remove the o-ring seal. Remove the cap of the syringe, empty the entire content of the booster into the cream or serum bottle. Stick the label enclosed to the marked area on the bottle. If you encounter any difficulties in emptying the syringe content, replace the cap, place it in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes, remove the cap and repeat the operation. Shake vigorously before each use and apply onto clean skin.

TIPS OF USE · Use it pure or customize it with up to 2 TUNE IT Boosters. inside

DETOX SYSTEM FERMENT (hydrolyzed candida saitoana extract) · Detoxifying & Complexion improver · Extract rich in α-glucans from fungus Candida saitoana, obtained by fermentation biotechnology. The active boosts the cell autophagy and reinforces cell detoxification thus improving cell and tissue longevity. In vivo testing demonstrates improvement the micro-relief and the overall complexion radiance and uniformity.

ADENOSINE · Anti-wrinkle & Skin stimulator · As we age, the mitochondria in cells can develop genetic mutations that cause them to either degenerate or die. ATP can help with the overall health of mitochondria. ATP is life’s energy currency, the universal energy storage unit used in practically every synthetic reaction that happens. When the skin or other tissues are wounded, ATP leaks from the damaged cells and is then converted to adenosine which promotes healing. Adenosine is a naturally occurring nucleotide that improves appearance of wrinkles and increases skin smoothness. It exerts a variety of biological effects, via G protein-coupled receptors. Examples include modulation of innate immunity, vascular pathologies, and inhibits melanogenesis, through negative regulation of tyrosinase. Also acts as a collagen stimulator.

EXTREME PROTECTOR (thermus thermophilus ferment) · Global protection & Anti-inflammatory · Obtained by a process of fermentation culturing of the Bacteria of the Depths, rich in Extremozymes. It offers an overall photo-protection against Ultraviolet (UV) damage, and has proven to be highly efficient against IR-aging. Other important functions are the improvement of hydration by increasing mitochondrial water content, the reduction of the inflammatory response and the prevention of the denaturation of matrix macromolecules when exposed to sunlight in order to limit wrinkle formation.