Sepai – Urban Range – Selfie Eye Cream – 12ml

Designed to provide an even and luminous look and act as an urban armor, this omnipotent eye treatment blurs fine lines and wrinkles, reinforces the tissue and redensifies the skin. With iridescent pigments to brighten complexion and improve the appearance of dark circles.



Recommended for all skin types looking to reduce expression wrinkles in the eye contour area with a comforting sensation of hydration and a luminous-dry finishing.


Shake before use. Apply a small amount to the under eye area using the fingertip, extending from the inside out. If more product is required, repeat the operation until complete absorption. Use only one type of cream for each application. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not combine with non Sepai products.

TIPS OF USE · Use Selfie even on top of your make up as a touch up during the day. It will reboost the anti-pollution effect and give you a super luminous finish.


REJUVEN-EYE (albizia julibrissin bark extract, darutoside) · Global eye contour optimizer & Rejuvenating · A complete eye rejuvenation combating wrinkles, dark circles and lifting the upper eyelids. Contains an Albizia julibrissim extract with anti-glycation properties as well as capable of reducing fatigue signs; and darutoside, extracted from Siegesbeckia orientalis, beneficial for dermal structures. The results show a diminishing in the fine lines, bags and dark circle.

POLLU-PROTECT (ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley) · Anti-pollution & Antioxidant · The aging effects on the skin due to air pollution result in: appearance of wrinkles, dehydration, yellowing, appearance of blemishes, luminosity loss and excessive sebum secretion. POLLU-PROTECT prevents the cutaneous surface from being damaged by toxic pollutants such as particle matters and gases with a mix of ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley extracts containing ginsenosides (triterpenic saponosides), sugars (polymeric forms such as polygalacturonic acid), heteropolysaccharides, pectins and inositol hexaphosphate. POLLU-PROTECT creates a protective action on cell membranes, preventing from lipid peroxidation, increases cell viability and diminishes the amount of sebum produced by pollution.

ECTOIN · Natural cell protection factor & Moisturizing · Ectothiorhodospira halochloris is a bacteria that produces a substance called ECTOIN that works to booster the skin’s defenses against UV rays. It also improves the skin’s ability to store moisture. It alleviates the effects of environmental stressors while keeping skin looking fresher. Improves skin moisture by binding water molecules by forming large hydration shells and creating strong water structures, thus enriching skin’s moisture content for a long time to come. ECTOIN also protects cells from the sort of damage and early aging effects that can be caused by UVA radiation, supporting cell’s protective and repair mechanisms by boosting the synthesis of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) two to three times more quickly. It also protects Langerhans cells who play a key role in the skin’s immune system. Moreover, it reduces sunburn cells from forming in the first place, which ultimately prevents UV radiation-induced skin aging.