Team Dr Joseph Hydrating & Calming Kit

Nowadays our skin always seems to be dehydrated or demanding! Our organic refreshing and hydrating kit will help you with that. Neroli’s beautiful aroma has a wonderfully relaxing effect on your emotions but a gentle stimulating effect on the skin’s cells. St John’s Wort is calming and our natural Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates the skin. Perfect for daily use for all skin types but especially dehydrated. Our makeup remover is luxuriously delicious and gently wipes away all traces of makeup and grime.


Gift Box contains:


1 x Team Dr Joseph Gentle Makeup Remover 50ml

1 x Team Dr Joseph Neroli Flower Toner (spritz) 150ml

1 x Team Dr Joseph Ultra Intense Moisturising Cream 50ml

1 x Soothe branded kraft gift box filled with British grade 3 wood wool

Price if purchased separately £111.10