Team Dr Joseph – Deep Purifying Serum, 30 ml

Powerful, highly concentrated facial serum as an intensive treatment for impure skin. The power serum supports the natural skin cleansing and clarifes deep into the skin. Rich in soothing and cleansing active plant ingredients, it ensures a smooth and clear complexion. For daily use.



– Intensive serum for impure skin of all ages
– Supports the natural skin balance with intensive effectiveness
– Clarifes to the depths
– Has a cleansing and pore-refning effect – The skin can breathe freely again
– The complexion appears smooth and purifed


  • USNEA EXTRACT | calming, soothing
  • NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID | provides intensive moisture, can cushion wrinkles
  • ALOE VERA | cooling, calming and moisturizing
  • PAPAYA | enzymatic and toning, can smooth small wrinkles; papain dissolves dead skin cells without harming the active skin cells
  • CARROT | age prevention, frming, cell protecting, calming, rich in vitamins
  • COMFREY | calming, soothing
  • GLYCOLIC ACID | moisturizes the skin, can strengthen the collagen fbers and gently stimulate cell regeneration; cleansing and pore refning; can smooth fne lines and wrinkles


Apply the facial serum in the morning and the evening after cleansing and pat gently with the fngers until it has been completely absorbed by the skin. For daily use. Note: For hygienic reasons, the pipette must not touch the skin.


Impure, large-pored, with a tendency to acne and oily skin


Intensively cleansed, well cared for and smooth


Herbaceous, fresh