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We listen to you before making any decisions about your skin’s health and your wellbeing. Our exclusive in-depth consultation helps us identify which ingredients and technologies would be most suited to achieve the results you want. Here is a selection of the approaches we might consider for your appointment. Our online booking system and app will allow you to book a specific treatment, but we will always call you to make sure its the right fit for you.

Skin & Lifestyle Analysis

This is our famous consultation and the secret to our success (and that of our client’s). An in-depth, holistic consultation is crucial for a truly tailor-made experience. This consultation is designed to investigate every little factor that may be affecting your skin’s condition and is a pre-requisite for every new client.

We’ll also teach you the secrets to beautiful skin, including how to choose and use your skincare, empowering you to take care of your skin at home.

Due to stringent Covid-19 rules, the Skin & Lifestyle Analysis will be sent to you and reviewed before your treatment. You’ll receive step by step guidance on what to do until we can see you at your appointment.

Luxury Facial Treatments

Imagine the magical combination of our beautiful plant actives and aromas sprinkled with our love, care attention. We add a handful of luxury and spoonful of secrets to soon have you under our spell.

APoEM Mindfulness Face Ritual

Beautifully mindful, this aromatic hands-on therapy is an experience inspired by nature to nurture our emotions and balance our being. We use phytotherapy and aromatherapy to help you recapture those forgotten precious memories and bring them to the present in order to recharge with positivity. Formulations are hand-picked to meet your needs and olfactory preferences.
Exclusive to the UK.


HydraFacialTM delivers instant and long-lasting results that you can see and feel. It’s famous for its vortex technology applied during the six-step protocol: detox, deep cleanse & peel, extractions and antioxidant hydration and rejuvenation. The Healthy Skin for Life Protocol is our most popular package.
Designed to improve the health of your skin for life, it improves texture and clarity, while also targeting lines, wrinkles and discolouration. A real worthy investment for continuous glow and natural youthfulness.

Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing & Tightening

Venus Viva uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver energy to the skin through multiple small electrode-pins. The energy heats and evaporates tiny columns of the skin, creating micro-channels surrounded by healthy tissue. The impact looks like pin-pricks to the naked eye. Natural healing responses then stimulate fibroblasts and rebuild an accumulation of collagen. The result is reduced skin damage and a more even-looking complexion, with low downtime.

The addition of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency creates heat, causing collagen to contract. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields help create new collagen and elastin fibres while also stimulating improved healing. The three technologies combine to reduce wrinkles and scarring and skin appears firmer and smoother.

Sepai 3D Flawless Lift

Exclusive to the UK and the ultimate in spa facials, the 3D Flawless Lift has been designed to re-establish the facial contours. Tailored active ingredients have been created to stimulate cell activity are expertly combined with specific and plentiful facial massage techniques to achieve renewed lift and radiance.

Geneo+ Super Facial 

An exclusive method of oxygenating microdermabrasion effectively removes dulling skin cells and enables us to flood the skin with rejuvenating or detoxifying actives. OxyPod infusion provides a breath of fresh air for the skin, improving cell metabolism. Add to this, lymphatic drainage with stimulating vibrations and TriPolar RF. You can’t help but reveal a fresher, brighter and tighter complexion. A ‘must-have’ particularly for those of you who like to ‘feel things working’. 

Alumier-MD Peels

Peels are a particularly effective method of exfoliation that bring about the resurfacing and rejuvenation of the skin. Results can be immediate depending on the skin’s condition. For a more youthful, smoother complexion we’d recommend a few regular treatments. Combined with RF, you can expect great results. For acne scarring and pigmentation, a course of treatments closer together will facilitate a wonderful smoothing and brightening. No real downtime but peeling is expected. Please call to discuss suitability.

SkinPen Precision Micro-needling

SkinPen, the world’s safest micro-needling system, causes microscopic wounds in the skin to create inflammation. This in turn stimulates the healing and re-modelling of the skin’s structure. This popular process boosts collagen, elastin and HA to strengthen the dermis and resurface the skin. Used for lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation, rosacea and to promote firmness. Planning is required as there can be up to 24 hours of redness and dryness. Some peeling may occur. Includes anaesthetic cream and post procedure care.

Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a very gentle option for those who wish to boost their skin’s general health. The colour of light is selected depending on the skin’s needs. Red light boosts collagen manufacture and radiance whilst also reducing inflammation. Blue light destroys bacteria and is particularly helpful with breakouts. Often used in combination with other therapies such as Ultrasound for the ultimate in soothing and hydration.

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy which, through the stimulation of reflex points in the face (which correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body) aims to promote wellness and relaxation. The stimulation of pressure points of the face is beneficial in aiding detoxification and reducing tension thus promoting a brighter ‘lift’ and the stimulation of collagen production. 

Hayo’u Gua Sha Ritual

Three iconic Chinese techniques for improving your complexion are used with Xiuyan jade and Rose Quartz revered for their restorative, cooling properties – Àn fa (press-hold) Gua Sha (press stroke) and Acupressure (press-turn).

Àn fa is known to reduce inflammation and boost lymphatic drainage.

Gua Sha is renowned for its unique ability to increase circulation under the skin, bringing in nutrients and boosting collagen.

Activating acupressure points on the face is a great way to support your organs. Chinese medicine recognises that the state of your health is literally reflected in your face. We agree!

Luxury Body Treatments


Imagine a dream holiday without travelling! The most amazing ritual with beautiful silky textures. Salts from the Atlantic ocean, the power of the Canarian Aloe, the earth from the local volcano and the extracts from soothing plants that bestow pleasure to the body and energy to your soul.

£90 – 60 mins



Indulge your skin and senses and forget the world in our decadent rooms and our organic high-tech oils infused with the fresh scent of organic coniferous wood, rosemary and citrus, in almond, jojoba and marigold extracts.

£80 – 60 mins



This beautifully mindful APoEM face and body ritual is an experience inspired by nature to nurture our emotions and achieve mind and body wellbeing.

We use the senses through chemo-typed aromatherapy and Bio-Plasma phototherapy to recapture those forgotten precious memories and bring them to the present in order to recharge the here and now with positivity.

Exclusive to the UK. Products selected according to your olfactory preferences and skin type.

100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free and Pregnant Friendly.

£120- 105 mins


Relieve the stresses and strains of life with our aromatic back, neck and scalp massage. You choose the aroma according to your needs and instinct. Select from our luxurious organic Deep Detox, Vitalising, Firming & Toning and Deep Relax oils by Vitalis, Italy. Thirty minutes of decadent bliss.

£45 – 30 mins


Our luxurious and exclusive body treatments work hard on your behalf to purify, moisturise and reinforce your skin. Deep exfoliation and specialist high-tech potions
rebalance the minerals and fluids and decongests and detoxifies the cells. Sublime detoxification and rejuvenation.

£100 – 70 mins


Indulge your skin and senses and forget the world in our decadent rooms and our organic high-tech oils.
Yarrow, lemon and vetiver stimulate the microcirculation of the skin, while mint and forest pine refresh, tightening and firming the figure. Invigorate the soul.

£80 – 60 mins

mask brush and glasses

Teen Clear

Improve your teen’s health and self-esteem just by bringing them along for a teen consultation. This isn’t just about picking spots! Your child’s first session will include a gentle chat about lifestyle, stress, phone addiction, hormones and diet, and the impact these and their wellbeing have on their skin. More often than not, diets and lifestyles are improved giving parents hope of a healthier outlook! And a more conscientious skincare routine boosts confidence and skin clarity.

Parents must accompany children under 16 years and give written permissions for treatment.



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