Director's Bespoke

custom created facial treatments designed especially for you

Imagine having your very own skin care expert create a wonderful bespoke treatment combining the best and most suitable natural yet potent products, massage techniques and state of the art technology that will leave you glowing with health and youthfulness.

Having struggled with her own skin issues as a young woman and understanding the pressures women face to look eternally twenty, Misia now 50, is glowing proof that you don’t have to inject to look youthful.

State of the art technology and powerful cocktails of active ingredients can stimulate the body’s own resources to manufacture collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid to reduce unnecessary ageing and even turn back the clock.

Director Misia Smith

The Benefits of Director’s bespoke Facial treatments

Created just for you by an expert with over 30 years skincare knowledge
Hand-picked ingredients and technologies to turn back time
Healthy, radiant skin every day of the year
Face to face skincare and lifestyle advice each month

Our Director’s Bespoke Facial Treatments

Moisturising face mask
Bespoke Facial

This is a bespoke treatment created especially for you according to your skin’s needs and relaxation needs. Its always a good idea to have a chat before your appointment date so please call to discuss your requirements. Please also ensure that you have completed an online skin & lifestyle analysis before you arrive to avoid loss of treatment time. Thank you.

Lifting Ritual

Discover brighter, plumper, healthier skin with our own wonderfully therapeutic blend of facial massage, lymphatic draining and other manual lifting techniques including Gua Sha known for its restorative and cooling properties, and Kansa wand known for its detoxifying benefits. Reduce inflammation, boost collagen and circulation, detoxify the skin and boost your skin’s health and feelings of wellbeing.



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