Geneo Super Facial

The Geneo Super Facial is an excellent exfoliating and deeply hydrating treatment with rejuvenating results, ideal if you’re looking for an instant glow.

Its unique ‘Oxypod’ technology enables a gentle but thorough microdermabrasion and the infusion of proven active ingredients into your skin, breathing fresh air and nutrients into your cells. You and your therapist will select the best Oxypod for your skin’s needs. View the options below or try our Geneo GLAM Superfacial!


Protect and refine | The Detox facial protects the skin from environmental damages, as well as tightens, refines, and clarifies it. This ensures a well-balanced, fresh, and rejuvenated complexion. Book online.


Cleanse and soothe | The Balance facial removes impurities, balances oily skin and fights acne for a nourished and clean skin. Book online.


Refresh and replenish | The Hyrdate facial improves skin’s moisture retention, promotes cellular renewal and gently exfoliates for bright and hydrated skin. Book online.


Brighten and rejuvenate | The Illuminate facial evens skintone, rejuvenates skin and reduces hyperpigmentation for brighter, younger-looking skin. Book online.


Smooth and tighten | The Revive facial increases skin’s firmness, diminishes the signs of ageing and reduces fine lines for even and smooth skin. Book online.


Firm and Hydrate | The Glam facial smooths fine lines, boost hydration and treats inflammation, for a more radiant apearance. Book online.

Focus on: The Glam Geneo Super Facial

A luxurious treatment that firms and hydrates your skin, to boost vitality and radiance.

What results can you expect? Tighter, firmer skin, reduced fine lines & wrinkles, A visible moisture boost & a soothing of inflammation.  Altogether, a more radiant, youthful appearance


You’ll feel a unique, pleasant bubbling sensation as the Glam Oxypod draws oxygen through the layers of your skin, helping it to absorb the active ingredients – gold flakes, silk amino acids & carnosine peptides.

Your skin is then treated with a Geneo serum, containing hyaluronic acid for hydration, rosehip & marula oil for their anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, and phytospherix to boost collagen and reduce wrinkles.

You’ll also receive a specially selected technology to suit your skin’s needs – either ultrasound, LED light therapy or Radiofrequency.

A beautiful gold dry oil hand & arm massage completes your treatment.

The geneo+ Super facial treatment in action

Geneo+ Super Facial can be used as a single treatment, as a course (highly recommended) or as part of our tailored programmes. At Soothe, we take the time to understand your needs, routines, and wellbeing. Our space is a relaxing retreat where your needs and skin are tended to by our expert clinicians.

Our exfoliating oxypods stimulate a natural that draws oxygen through the layers of your skin. An exchange of gases helps your skin to absorb the active ingreients in the pods.


An innovative radio frequency technology used to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This process tightens the skin and promotes rejuvenation.


Lymphatic drainage massage with vibrations to release toxins and release tension within the tissues of the face.



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