Your very own skincare coach, on hand to provide expert and tailored advice.

I hope to bring clarity and expertise to a world of fakery, contradictory information and far too much choice when it comes to what’s good for our health and that of our skin. If my thirty years in the business have taught me anything, it’s to build relationships with people you trust and who have your health and wellbeing at heart, rather than profits or social media profiles!

I take the time to get to know you, the things you’re inadvertently doing that are compromising your skin’s health and teach you how to read your skin and make wise choices for life long healthy, youthful skin.


Director’s Skin & Lifestyle Analysis

60 minutes | £120 (redeemable against your bespoke treatment)

Setting Soothe apart from anywhere else, this unique, in-depth consultation is crucial for any truly tailor-made treatment or home care skincare prescription.

Designed by our founder Misia, it investigates every little factor that may be affecting your skin’s condition. Discoveries made during the appointment will enable Misia to create a truly bespoke experience for you. She’ll also teach you how to choose and use your skincare, empowering you to take care of your skin at home.

If you’re new to Soothe and want to learn before embarking on other treatments, please select this service.



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