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Nothing at Soothe is standard

‘Words cannot describe the feelings of calm and relaxation you get by stepping into the magic world of Soothe. Everything is about you. You won’t want to leave.’

When it comes to your skin’s health, we know that getting to know you is best. Traditionally, we’re assigned a ‘skin-type’ which we tend to hang on to throughout our lives, and consequently, select inappropriate skincare and treatments according to that type. But our skin changes all the time! This way of doing things will never address your skin’s needs.

Our approach, on the other hand, is to get to know you as the beautiful individual you are. We aim to help you restore and maintain your skin’s health and radiance by learning about your wellbeing, lifestyle and the skincare products you use – all of which have a profound effect on how your skin looks and behaves. But in our endeavour, we never forget about the experience.

Natural and non-evasive skin treatments from the Skin experts Soothe Therapies

Your Soothe Experience


As a new client, we will sit with you and chat about you. During our journey of discovery, you’ll make some amazing realisations and everything about your skin’s behaviour will fall in to place. Our experienced team be able to offer you many invaluable tips that will enable you to take much better care of your skin at home. For the first time, you’ll be able to see the results you’ve been searching for!

Each time you visit, you will receive a facial according to what we know your skin needs. We’ll be handpicking ingredients, techniques and equipment that will bring about the greatest improvements to your skin’s appearance and the way you feel.


‘I have had the facial treatment twice now at Soothe and combined with a personal daily routine recommended by Misia, I have to say the transformation is incredible. In 5 weeks, my tired dull looking, dry patchy skin is no more and I have the soft smooth skin of my youth with those deep frown lines disappearing before my eyes. I have spent a considerable fortune over the years on anti-aging potions which have had little or no effect.

However, in just a few weeks, in the amazing hands of Misia I am amazed at the difference in the firmness and softness of my skin. I am able to wear less makeup, which can only be a good thing. Well… the experience is altogether out of this world. The surroundings are dream-like and Misia’s warm welcome and personal attention is second to none. If you want a real pampering with visible results go to Soothe and have a Misia treatment!’


We’ll be your personal skincare coaches so you’ll never feel alone. You’ll always be able to contact us for advice and reassurance.

Soft music, candlelight and a bed that feels like you’re wrapped up in a marshmallow await you. Soothed with the sounds of soft music and waves of sumptuous massage, you’ll never want to leave.

We’ll never rush you. In fact, we will only ever see four clients a day, giving us plenty of time to devote to you.

We’ll recommend ingredients and lifestyle tweaks that will improve your skin’s health and appearance, and will provide you with samples to try wherever possible.

We will never prescribe short-term, quick-fixes that could harm you.

Soothe will always be (as much as possible) a toxin-free, cruelty-free, and a clean and green skincare provider. Our skincare is safe enough to use on young children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. However, do not underestimate their science-based power!

You’ll always have our attention. We’ll never leave you alone under a mask! No interruptions, no noise and no rushing off. Your time is precious, so we’ll treat it as such.

We take great joy in what we do. Sharing your transformational skin or wellbeing journey is our privilege and as such, will always strive to see your outer and inner beauty shine.

We will always carefully hand-pick clean and natural ingredients that care for your skin rather than use products that are harmful to your long-term health.

We’ll send you appointment confirmations and reminders to make sure life doesn’t get in the way of your self-care.

We’ll never have sales targets to achieve so you can rest assured that any product recommendations come from a place of expertise and honesty.

We will never chat through your precious relaxation time. We understand that a moment to yourself is a rare luxury!



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